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This is a humanity website to help children who through no fault of their own, end up in care. The shortfall in basic protections for children in care is more than a single story. It is a recurring pattern that is persistent in our collective history. Unfortunately, the question of how children in care can look forward and thrive is, for the most part, being sidelined by the question: How can they survive?

James Summers, a survivor of our Care System is leading the fight to help and support these unfortunate ones with his quest of Justice 4 Kids In Care. He has spent decades recovering from the neglect and abuse he faced as a child in the care system.

Now we have an opportunity to support the great work James is doing with some financial aid for this worthwhile project to better help children coming through our care system.

Children in Care Abused

In early April, news outlets picked up on an Ofsted inspection report that found significant and serious failings in the operations of a privately owned children’s care home in Warrington, North West England. The unnamed care home, which is run by Cambian Childcare Ltd, housed two young girls, who were frequently going missing together and who, when absent, engaged in sexual activities to gain money.
The report details that the children had actually informed staff that they were often scared for their own safety during such excursions. Yet, even as the severity of the situation increased, those in charge were effectively gagged so they neither appropriately responded to the incidents that occurred, nor did they implement effective strategies to safeguard and protect the children against further risk of harm. Even when a child informed her carers that an older man had sexually assaulted her and, still, it was not clear to the inspector what attempts have been made to prevent further occurrences of the children going missing from home.

The inspection was carried out on 23rd February 2021, it had been delayed due to the pandemic.

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Making the system accountable. We’re here to give you a Voice. Let’s make sure they record the truth by wearing bodycams.

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